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Improve the use of Car Parks by Local Residents
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Start Date: 30/06/2016   End Date: 30/09/2016   Lead Petitioner: Christopher Margetts

Background Information:

Your Petition:
We, the undersigned, call on Cornwall Council to provide a new season ticket for local residents which would give the benefit of 3 hours free parking per day in any local car park
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All Signatures so far
Name: Date:
bev goldsworthy 21/09/2016
sharon down 16/09/2016
Isobel Victoria Cole 16/09/2016
Maja Benkova 14/09/2016
Carole Kerr 14/09/2016
Nicola Goodman 14/09/2016
Bethan Perry 14/09/2016
Mrs E I Dowling 06/09/2016
john thornton 04/09/2016
Martyn griffiths 29/08/2016
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