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Dy’ gool sen Peran/St Piran’s Day Holiday
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Start Date: 09/02/2011   End Date: 09/02/2012   Lead Petitioner: Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

Background Information:

Your Petition:
We, the undersigned, call on Cornwall Council to vote in favour of Dydh Sen Peran/St Piran’s Day (5th March) becoming an annual public holiday in Cornwall and to make a recommendation to the UK Government to do the same.
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All Signatures so far
Name: Date:
steve paul pengelly 29/02/2016
Jean Petrie 03/02/2012
Alex Woodhouse 16/01/2012
Leonard Wheeler 23/11/2011
Timothy Trevenna 07/11/2011
Mary Lloyd 29/10/2011
david 15/08/2011
Esther Johns 28/07/2011
Iwan Le Moine 27/07/2011
Laurence MacRory 25/07/2011
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