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Strategic Partnership for Shared Services
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Start Date: 08/09/2012   End Date: 03/12/2012   Lead Petitioner: Andrew Wallis

Background Information:

Your Petition:
Andrew Wallis, Cornwall Councillor for Porthleven and Helston South
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All Signatures so far
Name: Date:
Matt Mossop 06/12/2012
Angela Andrews 28/11/2012
Nathan Trevena 15/11/2012
Diana Elizabeth Barkes 12/11/2012
jennifer 12/11/2012
Nina Yellop 08/11/2012
Brian Williams 04/11/2012
jim cross 03/11/2012
Geoff Hale 01/11/2012
Lin Scoffin 28/10/2012
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