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Protect our Cornish Landscape from Wind Turbines
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Start Date: 17/09/2012   End Date: 17/03/2013   Lead Petitioner: Roger Farnworth

Background Information:

Your Petition:
We, the undersigned, call on Cornwall Council not to grant approval for wind turbines in or close to an A.O.N.B. in tourist areas and within specified distances from residential property.
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All Signatures so far
Name: Date:
carly moore 20/03/2014
Audrey Cole 15/02/2014
Michael Sutton 04/02/2014
Elizabeth Gillman 17/06/2013
Sally Foster 16/06/2013
Christine Toogood 16/03/2013
Janette Johnson 16/03/2013
Debbie Toogood 16/03/2013
pam worthington 15/03/2013
caroline Hall 14/03/2013
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