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Solar farms on farmland
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Start Date: 28/11/2012   End Date: 27/05/2013   Lead Petitioner: Joan Farmer

Background Information:

Your Petition:
We, the undersigned, call on Cornwall Council to suspend the development of solar farms on greenfield sites with immediate effect until there is a coherent policy based on the wishes of the people of Cornwall.
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All Signatures so far
Name: Date:
Alan Pearson 21/05/2013
Simon Cantrell 20/05/2013
Janet Lewis 20/05/2013
Mr Anthony Wysocki 20/05/2013
Richard Lewis 20/05/2013
Sonia Gist 13/05/2013
Petrina Douglas 09/05/2013
liz crow 28/04/2013
Sajla Kohli 28/04/2013
Jannat Fortunata 28/04/2013
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